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Lilac Cup Cake SoapThe latest in the fashion trend is our amazing cup cake range. You will love the sensational Lilac aroma. 

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Lilac Cup Cake Soap– The latest in the fashion trend is our amazing cup cake range. Our Lilac Cup Cake has a beautiful Lilac fragrance and coloured base, topped with a high swirled Lilac fragranced white icing and topped with a lilac cherry ball. Please remember that these are all soap products 

Amazing Soaps, gourmet Fun Soap Pies, handmade made from natural vegetable & fruit oils almost look too good to use – Gentle enough to wash your hair as well as your body. If you feel they are too good to wash with then this is why we wrapped each slice in a special wrap to allow the fragrance to permeate. If you prefer you can sit them in your clothes or on display in a room as a room fragrance and do not undo the wrap, they will last like this from months to a year depending on your circumstances. When you can not smell them anymore  undo them and experience the natural elegance and luxury of washing with these Amazing Soaps.

Specifications:  12cm Length;  4cm width;  130-140g. Weight


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