Goats Milk & Calendula

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 Goats Milk & Calendula Luxury bar soapAn amazing soap especially created for  all skin conditions

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Amazing Soaps Handmade luxury Goats Milk & Calendula soap –   Calendula is a beautiful healing herb and combined with Goats Milk , makes this a magical soap that our customers repeatedly report amazing results with skin conditions. Goats Milk has the molecular structure of naturally occurring proteins and triglycerides. These shorter strands are easily absorbed by the skin, resulting in a natural moisturizing effect. This soap is the most gentle way to cleanse your face and body.

Order today and try this amazing soap for yourself.

Use Goats Milk & Calendula Luxury Handmade soap, as the primary soap, when using with our African Black or Sooth Skin

Specifications:  7.5cm Bar Length;     4.5cm Bar Height;  115-125g Weight

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Weight 0.135 kg
Dimensions 7.5 × 2.5 × 6.0 cm


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